911 Remembered, A Video Memorial
We cannot fight hatred with more hatred.
We are in this struggle for peace together. Those hardest to forgive are those most in need of forgiveness just as those hardest to love are those most in need of love. Evil exists in the hearts of many but it can be uprooted and replaced with hope. It is up to those who reject hatred to give hope to those who are drunk with hatred. We cannot fight evil with more evil. Pray for those of all nationalities who put themselves in harms way to protect innocence in the world, they confront evil and hatred everyday.

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Previous comments:

09/11/2013 After watching, I shared this with my 8th grade social studies class then the entire district. Well done!
09/10/2013 Thank you
08/25/2013 I Will Never Forget 9/11 And Will Pay Tribute To Them By Singing Where Were You (When The W orld Stopped Turning) By Alan Jackson And Satan Will Not Destroy That Go d Loved! Thank You!
08/25/2013 I Will Never Forget 9/11 Because God Is Watchi ng Over Them
10/15/2012 very nice, thank you
10/07/2012 Thanks for sharing. Always good to find a real epxret.
09/11/2012 We will never Forget!
09/11/2012 The children's artwork at the end gives us so much hope, thank you for adding it.
09/11/2012 makes me cry every time... I hope these people are not still hurting, or at least hurting a lot less
09/11/2012 very touching...thank you
09/11/2012 :(
09/11/2012 thank you, i needed those tears
09/11/2012 you should be able to refresh the site
09/11/2012 I watched your video tribute to 9/11 and showed it to my class. However, it won't allow me to replay or even get back to the video and I have more classes I would like to show it too. Please help. Thank you.
09/11/2012 It is uncanny how those words fit this tragic day!
09/11/2012 Thanks, John. Beautiful!
09/11/2012 What am I commenting on? I would like to see the video.
09/11/2012 So sad...I'll never forget and I'll never let this be forgotten in my family....Horrible people out there...Just horrible. However, we shall prevail!
09/11/2012 Very Touching ...
09/11/2012 ll
09/11/2012 Hi John, How you been old buddy? Very impressive sight. The 911 remembrance mede me cry after all this time. Please respond as soon as you get a chance, even if just to send your regular email address. Rick Chapman
09/11/2012 Just as powerful this time as the first time I saw it! Thanks for this memorial, John ... such power! I've shared it with many ... recently a friend who writes books ... Micki Buck. Hope she leaves a comment.
09/11/2012 This is so beautifully done, and helps us never to forget!! Thank you to all who put it together, and God bless America all ways!
09/11/2012 Very moving and emotional video, think you did a fine job at capturing the hurt but the song was fitting. Will we ever know the true story behind the 9-11 attack - don't think so. May all the families be blessed that lost loved ones, knowing they have angels watching over them.
09/11/2012 This is a beautiful slide show. Thank you for sharing.
09/11/2012 We will never 4get, always in our hearts and now a ew part of history to come!
09/11/2012 Fantastic and beautiful remembrance. Thank You!
09/11/2012 Thank you for that! A moving reminder to pray without ceasing and to enjoy every day ... every moment ... with loved ones.
09/11/2012 If you count your blessings daily your pain will dimish each day - your loving memories will grow stronger - the pain WILL go away. Gob Bless, John (London, UK)
09/11/2012 Please know your video spoke for me. Please know I know how poorly I have told our story to my family. Please know I know my God weeps over our behavior. I know He knows I have not told His story often enough to enough people. I am accountable to Him for not telling His story. Please know that your video will start that conversation with my family.
09/11/2012 On this day the enemy came from outside. Today, in 2010, I see witih great sadness our country tearing itself apart: Consertive vs. Liberal, Right Winger vs. Left Winger, White vs Black vs Hispanic.Poor vs Rich. If we continue on this path, we will destroy ourselves from within. Was this attack designed to start this internal strife after the terrible dust settled? Where will such division lead us? God bless our country. Pray for us all; and, yes - never forger!
09/11/2012 Very well done. It is a day I will never forget. I fear that many have. The ending was lovely! Souls going to heaven......
09/11/2012 god bless america and its outstanding people you showed courage humanity unity and resolve may the entire world never forget. the entire world owes an endless debt to your great nation alec ,scotland
09/11/2012 This is very well put together and brings us right back to the day. The hearts at the end are a beautiful touch that they will never be forgotten!
09/11/2012 one of the best i have seen thank you
09/11/2011 My prayers and thoughts go out to all you lost loved ones on 9-11 and to all the soldiers that have given theirs lives for or freedom I thank you.
09/11/2011 Awesome .., the right song.
09/11/2011 It brings back so many memories...Thank you for sharing that with us....
09/11/2011 As I watch I still get the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach I had that day.
09/11/2011 GREAT CHOICE
09/11/2011 I would love to show this on Sunday at our church. If I have permission, please let me know.
09/11/2011 Thanks for this reminder. Beautifully done!
09/11/2011 Awesome, moving and I will show this to my students on Friday of this week Thank you
09/11/2011 God bless us all and pray for those who lost their lives and those who were left to grieve. We will never forget.
09/11/2010 Would of liked to of seen photos of the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. Never forget.
09/11/2010 Very emotional and all negative. I would be wary about showing it to 5th and 6th graders for sure. I also don't like the order in which pics are shown.
09/11/2010 WOW!!!
09/11/2010 While there is much debate about whether or not we should revisit this tragedy, I feel that we need to be reminded of this catastrophic event. Thank you for the beuatiful reminder of all of the people who lost thieir lives on this day. And to all those who were left with those who lost their lives.
09/11/2010 this presentation was really quite informative. i remember when it all started unfolding and the events that followed, looking with astonishment mainly seeing the folks from new york as a loving, caring, and deeply hurting people. i had an image most of my life thinking that people from new york were anything but what i described above. it was a real eye opener and a memory that i will always treasure. all of what i saw gave me a very deep appreciation for the good people from new york. i hope to visit there sometime. my name is mark carson from billings, montana
09/11/2010 http://youtu.be/qy7lZIkh31o
09/11/2010 This video truly represents the true tragedy that happended on September 11, 2001. It shows how our country's spirit was used to join together, and help out eachother throught this tough time. Always REMEMBER, Always HOPE,Always LOVE ALWAYS!
09/11/2010 very appropriate choice of music. thanks for the picture slideshow. consider adding little more time on the picture slides to allow the sentiment, emotions, humanity, impact of the time soak in.
09/11/2010 God Bless America
09/11/2010 Wish I could send 9-11video to a friend. Ten years later.....still proud to be an American! Liked New York and President Bush chanted on that day.....USA...USA...USA
09/11/2010 well done, moving....... Rev. Renwick Bell
09/11/2009 thank you!
09/11/2009 will never forget the looks on peoples faces as I was driving home. crying, blank stares
09/11/2009 im sooooooooo sad
09/11/2009 The wifes that were pregant with children who never met there kids or the kids who never had fathers....... the wifes who found true love then lost it........... husband who had the wife fovere but lost her...... al because of one stupid act............................... we should forgive but never FORGET!!!!!
09/11/2009 that was bad very very bad thing
09/11/2009 i'm sorry for your lose?
09/11/2008 it was the most horriable thing that anyone can remember. i would love to thank all of the volinteeers that helped that day
09/11/2008 i thought that this was really cool and insperational.
09/11/2008 We must always remember that there are people in the world that do not hold life at the level we do. But we do have people ready and willing to protect our belief at all costs and GOd bless them.
09/11/2008 Let us never forget our heroes! God Bless America!
09/11/2007 Very touching remembrance with excellent choice in music!
09/11/2007 very nice, thank you
09/11/2007 We must never, ever forget what happened on that day! It falls to us to teach our children that evil must be over come with GOOD.....
09/11/2006 very nicely done, we should never forget.